Simply great cooling control


  • Smart, flexible cooling stage activation
  • Remaining service life in accordance with the IEC and ANIS standard
  • Easy handling by functional solution
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


The MESSKO® MTeC® EPT202 is a cost-effective, robust cooling control that includes all necessary functions for independently protecting and extending the service life of the transformer for years to come. The top oil temperature and load current are measured and this data is used to calculate the hot spot temperature in accordance with IEC 60076-7 or ANSI IEEE C.57.91. The estimated remaining service life of the transformer can be calculated by determining the hot spot temperature.

Functional solution

The MESSKO® MTeC® EPT202 is equipped with a self-monitoring function and a test function. All device functions can be accessed via the device software menu. The parameterization in four languages occurs via the visualization software.

The MESSKO® MTeC® EPT202 features internal data memory for up to 32,000 data records. All data is saved in Excel format and can be processed at any time.

Reliable communication

The MESSKO® MTeC® EPT202 includes one analog output for the oil temperature and one for the winding temperature for various measuring ranges. A USB interface is available for parameterization and data readout. The RS485 interface is ideal for continuous communication with the visualization software.

Intelligent cooling control

With the MESSKO® MTeC® EPT202, different groups of fans can be controlled via the oil temperatures. Up to four cooling stages can be freely configured. The MESSKO® MTeC® EPT202 offers various options in terms of the type of activation:

  • Load cycle mode
  • Load current activation limit
  • Periodic cooling stage activation