The answer for all questions related to cooling control

What cooling control features does a measurement unit need to ensure efficient operation of a power transformer optimized for running time? How do we combine complex, extensive functionality with the best user convenience? What is required of cooling control units now and what will be needed in the future?

Our development engineers deal with these questions on a daily basis. The answers lie in the products from the MESSKO® MTeC® series. Their market success, and positive feedback from our customers in particular, demonstrate to us that these are the correct answers.


MTeC® EPT303
MTeC® EPT202

The MESSKO® MTeC® series meets the entire range of potential requirements with absolute precision:

  • From the forward-looking, high-end application that both provides smart control for your fans and handles the central role in the monitoring and safety concept for your transformers as a networked measurement, analysis and communications unit to the stable control system that reliably carries out temperature management of your power transformers with all necessary basic functions
  • Whether implemented as a standalone product or integrated into a control cabinet solution customized for you
  • Whether it comes with or without a MESSKO® MControl®touch display